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Cristina Cox, CEO

With over 27 years of experience, Cristina opened Mona Solutions, a boutique-style agency, in 2010 to provide the personal touch so often lacking in merchant services. Cristina has won many awards for her work in the industry, most recently including the NXGEN 2018 Outstanding Achievement and 2018 Independent Sales Agent of the Year.

Cristina enjoys building long-term relationships with her clients, anticipating needs and solving problems. At the end of the day, there is no stronger feeling of accomplishment than taking care of her clients.

She has two children and two dogs. She’s an active advocate for Mental Health. She loves Pilates, spinning and traveling. Cristina loves to cook and is working on becoming a Whole30® Certified Coach.

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Olivia Powell, Portfolio Manager

Olivia collaborates with her clients to streamline services and maximize savings. Her favorite part of her work is creative problem-solving. She believes that warmth and integrity are the most important values she brings to her relationships. When she’s not at MONA Solutions, she’s spending time with her toy poodle (and MONA Mascot) Elliot.


Shelby Potts, Account Manager

As an Account Manager, Shelby engages, develops, and maintains the relationships of our clients. She assists our merchants throughout the application process and ensures all service needs have been accomplished. Shelby’s favorite part of her job is creating long-lasting client relationships. Her core business beliefs include being efficient and effective, putting the client’s needs first, and that honest relationships are built on integrity. When she’s not at MONA Solutions, she is spending time with her two Australian Shepherds, Diesel and Piston.

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Elliot, Mascot

Elliot loves treats and barking at the mailman. “Ruff!”